Hi there! Welcome to Jen and Tonic. I’m so glad you’re here. If I could give you a hug through the computer, I would.

I started Jen and Tonic to keep track of all of my creative happenings and delicious recipes, and to share with and inspire others. I left my hometown in southern Ohio and my job as a nurse to move to Canada and be with my husband and fur babies, and to write about food and pretty things to share with anyone who will listen. I can usually be found with coffee in my hand and a yorkie in my lap.

I’m a lover of pasta, gold and marble, seafood, faux fur, everything pumpkin spice, cookie butter, wine, anything grey and/or soft (bonus points if it’s grey and soft), DIY projects, Christmas decorations, abstract art, reading, writing and anything floral. So pour yourself a ¬†glass of wine, get cozy and enjoy my little internet home.